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Although general anesthesia is very safe, Aspen Vet’s veterinarians and nurses take numerous measures to alleviate pain and make this procedure even less risky.

At Aspen Vet, ensuring the safety and comfort of our patients is essential. The overall risk of general anesthesia, in healthy veterinary patients with appropriate monitoring, is fortunately very low (less than 1% in recent studies). However, we realize the thought of having your pet anesthetized can be worrisome.

Aspen Vet offers individualized anesthesia planning for each and every pet that is to undergo sedation or anesthesia at our clinic. Prior to anesthesia, the doctor will perform a physical examination and consider your pet’s temperament, age, breed, health and the procedure when creating their plan. These considerations will influence drug choices, support, and the monitoring of your pet while they are anesthetized to make sure he or she is safe from beginning to end. An important part of this is a thorough pain management plan which is devised for each individual pet. We have state-of-the-art monitoring equipment to enable accurate monitoring of your pet’s cardiovascular and pulmonary systems.

In addition to our doctors, our experienced veterinary nurses monitor each patient during anesthesia, using a wide array of parameters. They observe the patient for mucous membrane color and quality of respirations, and use state-of-the-art monitoring equipment to measure levels of oxygen, carbon dioxide, blood pressure, and activity of the heart. After the procedure, our veterinary team will monitor your pet closely to ensure a smooth, pain-free recovery.

Please take comfort in knowing your pet will be well cared for if he or she requires anesthesia at Aspen Veterinary Clinic. Soft, warm bedding and the human interaction, observation and compassion of your pet’s dedicated veterinary technician ensures recovery from surgery and anesthesia is as comfortable as possible.

We are here to support you. No patient is too old or too complicated for anesthesia. Rarely, they may be too ill, in these cases, we can help guide decision-making for these patients.

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