Equine Services

Comprehensive Veterinary Care for your horses.

At Aspen Vet Clinic, we provide exceptional Equine services and care for both companion animals and large animals, ensuring all your animals receive the attention they deserve.

Dental Work

A thorough dental examination includes an assessment of the horse’s mouth, gums, and teeth, often requiring sedation to ensure the animal remains calm and cooperative. Tools such as dental floats, speculums, and mirrors are employed to provide a comprehensive exam and float.

Vaccines and Deworming

Regular deworming is essential to control internal parasites such as strongyles, roundworms, and tapeworms. Strategic deworming, guided by fecal egg counts, helps reduce the risk of drug-resistant parasites. Basic Lameness Exams

A basic lameness exam for horses is crucial for diagnosing and treating equine injuries or conditions. The process typically starts with a thorough history and visual assessment, examining the horse’s posture, gait, and any visible signs of distress.

Laceration Repair

Laceration repair in horses is a critical procedure requiring prompt and expert attention to prevent complications. Equine lacerations, often caused by sharp objects, require immediate cleaning to reduce infection risk.

Coggins and Health Certificates

Ensuring your horse’s health is paramount, and two crucial documents are the Coggins Test and Health Certificate. The Coggins Test detects Equine Infectious Anemia (EIA), a potentially fatal disease, and is often required annually for horses traveling or competing.


Horse castration, also known as gelding, is a common surgical procedure to remove a stallion’s testicles, rendering him infertile. This procedure is typically performed to prevent aggressive behavior and make management easier.

Reproductive Care

Expert veterinary care ensures optimal breeding outcomes, addressing issues like artificial Insemination, estrus synchronization, semen quality, and embryo transfer.

Reach out to Aspen Vet Clinic for large animal veterinary care by calling 775-753-9111 or contacting us online for a prompt response.

Our Services Include


  • Dental work
  • Vaccines and Deworming
  • Basic Lameness Exams
  • Laceration Repair
  • Coggins and Health Certificates
  • Castrations
  • Reproductive Care; Ultrasound, AI with frozen or cooled semen, embryo transfer coming soon

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