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Bovine Services

At Aspen Vet Clinic, our experienced team offers a wide range of Bovine services tailored to the needs of your herd. From routine wellness exams to treatment for injuries and illnesses, we cover all aspects of farm animal care.

AI (Artificial Insemination)

Our artificial insemination (AI) service for cattle ensures optimal breeding success. Utilizing the latest technologies and techniques, our AI experts enhance genetic quality and herd productivity. Trust us to improve your herd’s genetics with precision and care.

Preg Check; Ultrasound or Palpation

Ensure the reproductive success of your herd with our comprehensive pregnancy-checking services. Using both ultrasound and palpation methods, we provide accurate and timely results to help you make informed management decisions.


Our professional castration services promote the health and manageability of your cattle. By performing this procedure efficiently and humanely, we help improve the growth rates and meat quality of your herd.

Trich Testing

Protect your herd from Trichomoniasis with our reliable trich testing services. Early detection and management of this venereal disease are crucial for maintaining herd fertility and productivity. Trust our expertise to keep your cattle healthy.

Semen Testing

Maximize your breeding program’s success with our comprehensive semen testing services. We assess the quality and viability of bull semen to ensure the highest reproductive efficiency and genetic improvement for your herd.

Bangs Vaccinations

Safeguard your cattle against Brucellosis with our Bangs vaccination services. This essential vaccination program protects both your herd and public health, ensuring compliance with state and federal regulations.


Address calving difficulties promptly with our expert dystocia services. Our team provides swift and effective assistance during challenging births to minimize risks and promote the health and well-being of both the cow and the calf.

Our team possesses the knowledge and expertise to provide specialized care for a variety of cows, cattle, or herds, including chickens, goats, sheep, pigs, ducks, and other hobby farm species.

Reach out to Aspen Vet Clinic for farm animal veterinary care by calling 775-753-9111 or contacting us online for a prompt response.

Our Bovine Services Include:

  • AI (Artificial Insemination
  • Preg Check; Ultrasound or palpation
  • Castrations
  • Trich Testing
  • Semen Testing
  • Bangs Vaccinations
  • Dystocia

Reproductive Care; Ultrasound, AI with frozen or cooled semen, embryo transfer coming soon

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