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Aspen Vet has put a great deal of thought into the type of organization we strive to be, the environment we hope to foster for our teams, and the ways in which we must support each other. We live our mission, vision, and values every day.

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To achieve our success we must depend on each other, and so we choose to create a culture of highly engaged and aligned team members who share a common vision:

  • Team Members value collaboration, have a strong work ethic, a high degree of emotional intelligence, and principles of integrity and character.
  • We value individuals who have a positive attitude, are persistent in overcoming challenges, and are able to collaborate and succeed as part of high performing teams.
  • We aspire to maintain a high level of service and hospitality. Our intentions are focused on how we interact with and treat our team members, pet-owners, primary care veterinarians, and industry partners.
  • We value each team member for what they add, recognizing that all roles are important and needed for us to successfully realize our vision.
  • We take responsibility for continuous development seriously, and we are committed to providing career paths and growth opportunities for everyone, as well as the tools and environment to help reach their goals.

Below you will find information on the positions we are currently looking to fill.

Associate Doctor of Veterinary Medicine

About our clinic:

Aspen Veterinary Clinic was established in 2007 in Spring Creek, NV. We have developed a very loyal, committed clientele, through our prosperous small animal general practice. The veterinary community in the area has minimal competition and offers great potential for more services.

We offer in-house laboratory blood and urine analyzers, digital radiographs, full dental service with digital dental radiographs, ultrasound, wellness screenings, puppy/kitten packages, isolation ward, PRP treatments, laser therapy, chronic pain management, behavioral counseling and dietary weight management counseling as well as a wide range of elective surgeries and soft tissue surgery.

Our work environment is very upbeat and employee turnover is extremely low. Half of our staff have been employed over 10 years. That said our bonding rate to clientele is very high and personalized, almost like family. We have a very traditional approach to veterinary family medicine; we all genuinely care for client as well as for patients.

Future plans include adding personalized house call services as well as offering a highly desired home-based hospice. New construction within 5-10 years is considered with possible addition of large animal care services.

We are very focused on life-work balance.

Our Location: 441 Landmark Ln, Ste 5, Spring Creek, NV 89815

Our Website:

Associate Doctor of Veterinary Medicine’s schedule and location:

You will be located at our clinic in Spring Creek, NV with a fulltime schedule of 40 to 50hrs per week.

Your Mission as Associate Doctor of Veterinary Medicine:

The current owner doctor is covering case load of 1.7 doctors. A new doctor is needed to spread out the case load and continue to grow the client base. Our community needs and can definitely support more veterinarians.

Associate Doctor of Veterinary Medicine’s duties and responsibilities:

Daily case load will include a combination of wellness, sick, emergency, surgery, and dental appointments.

  • Current daily schedules average about 20 appointments per day plus 6 elective surgeries and 1 dental.
  • Grow our house call niche.
  • Doctor duties include examinations, surgeries, diagnosis, procedure, client education, prescribing, and medical record.
  • Be a forerunner in staff leadership and standards of care.

Required experience and qualifications:

    • DVM /VMD degree
    • Ideally with 2 years of experience in small animal practice.
    • History of continual education that can provide us with an idea of clinical interests and strengths.
    • Focus in surgery would be great.
  • A new graduate could be considered with the appropriate drive and work ethic

Preferred soft skills and personality traits:

  • Entrepreneurship skills
  • Multitasking
  • Leadership
  • Prioritizing
  • Strong Communication abilities
  • Drive to learn and always improve.

Offered salary and other compensation:

We offer a salary of $95,000 – $110,000 per year. We also offer 401K, health plan, paid vacation within salary, continuing education, state license, DEA and liability benefits.

  • Max. file size: 50 MB.

Happy to welcome you! Be sure to schedule an appointment!

Choose curbside pet pick up while you wait in the car, or wait in your car until an exam room is sanitized and ready for the next patient. Only 1 family member per pet(s) is allowed into the exam room. If your children must come with you, we request you all wait in the car while we bring your pet into the clinic. Please text or call the number on the front door when you arrive. We understand it is hard to not be with your pet. Please understand we have an ethical and moral obligation to your pet. We treat them like our own and do not like to see them stress and in fear.


Monday - Tuesday:

8:00 AM – 5:00 PM



Thursday - Friday

8:00 AM – 5:00 PM




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