Welcoming Dr. Barnes

Aug 29, 2023Blog Posting

Welcoming Doctor Barnes, A New Addition to Dr. Moriarty's Team at Aspen Veterinary Clinic

A New Addition to Dr. Moriarty’s Team at Aspen Veterinary Clinic

We are thrilled to introduce a valuable addition to the Aspen Veterinary Clinic team, Dr. Barnes—a veterinarian with a passion for large animal medicine and an impressive background. Dr. Barnes’ expertise and enthusiasm promise to enrich our clinic’s services and contribute to the exceptional care we provide for our beloved animal patients.

Meet Dr. Barnes: A True Passion for Large Animals

Hailing from the beautiful state of Nevada, Dr. Barnes has deep roots in the world of animals. Growing up on a family cattle ranch in Jiggs, he developed an early connection with the land and its inhabitants. This intrinsic understanding of animals eventually led him to pursue a bachelor’s degree in animal, Dairy, and Veterinary Science at Utah State University. It was during his time there that he not only honed his academic skills but also met his wonderful wife, forming a partnership that supports and complements his professional journey.

Driven by a desire to make a difference in large animal healthcare, Dr. Barnes was accepted into veterinary school through the Washington, Idaho, Montana, Utah program. He completed his initial two years of veterinary education in Logan. He then transferred to Washington State to conclude his studies, marking the end of his academic journey and the beginning of his hands-on career in veterinary medicine.

A Sixth-Generation Rancher and a True Passion for Large Animal Reproductive Work

doctor barnes inspecting a cow

While Dr. Barnes appreciates the intricacies of working with animals of all sizes, his true passion lies in large animal medicine. As a sixth-generation rancher, his affinity for these creatures runs deep. His expertise extends to large animal reproductive work, where he excels in activities such as pregnancy diagnosis in cows, embryo transfer, and artificial insemination in both cattle and horses. He also aspires to further his capabilities by mastering the collection and freezing of semen, a technique that can have significant implications for animal breeding programs.

Beyond the Clinic

Outside of the veterinary world, Dr. Barnes leads a dynamic life filled with diverse interests. His connection to his ranch roots remains strong, as he continues to work on the family ranch, caring for animals and stewarding the land. Dr. Barnes’ horizons stretch far and wide—he is an adept colt trainer, an avid hunter and trapper, and even practices the intricate art of braiding rawhide. This multifaceted lifestyle not only enriches his personal life but also adds a unique dimension to his veterinary practice.

A Bright Future Ahead

dr barnes sitting with two dogs

As Dr. Barnes joins the Aspen Veterinary Clinic team, we welcome not only a skilled veterinarian but a passionate advocate for animals, a dedicated large animal specialist, and a sixth-generation rancher deeply connected to the land. His commitment to providing exceptional care and his passion for large animal reproductive work will undoubtedly enhance the services we offer to our clients and their cherished animal companions. We look forward to the contributions Dr. Barnes will make to our team and the positive impact he will have on the lives of both animals and their owners.

Dr. Moriarty
Aspen Veterinary Clinic


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